Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mario's sidekicks...

My next attempt at cakery came when my husband announced that he *had* to bring something to a bake sale for his college's fundraiser and I found a cupcake competition online. 

I just knew this was a perfect excuse to be creative!

So I decided to hit up some Nintendo supporting characters (and candies) for help:
1 up and Super Shroom 
 Adding in some Koopa Shells

This goomba was made from microwaving a tootsie roll, stretching it over, and adding some iced details.
 Petey Piranha- chomp chomp! 
 Packaged, ready for transport

I *love* Kirby!! he's not on Mario Bros. but I couldn't help it - the inspiration bug hit!
 Kirby, Coins, and an Invincibility Star

So that's what I made for his bake sale. And the online contest.
Only I misread the deadline as midnight, not noon, and missed entering by 1.5 hours. 
I was a little peeved. 
But at least the cupcakes were still well received :)

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