Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christmas Snowglobe Cupcakes

I love Bakerella

Seriously - if you've never visited her site, go there. Right now. She's fabulous!

So, I desperately wanted to make these last year for my school's Christmas party, but our Wal-mart was apparently sold out of the cool Coke bottles. :(

So, as soon as I saw the cute Coke bottles here, I bought several!

Then, I knew what I'd use them for - Christmas gifts for K's teachers. And they were a hit!

Here are the little fondant bears in process:

And here's the close up of the final product: 

They look fairly real! Even when these things take forever to make, it always seems worth it in the end to see the final product!


And, I made spiced cupcakes with eggnog frosting....it was absolutely divine!

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