Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thanksgiving yumminess!

I've fallen behind on my posting- sorry!

I've made several cakes since the last post - hopefully I can include them all soon! 

So, our apartment had a thanksgiving get together, and I found a whole bunch of cutesy foods I wanted to try!

K helped me make Indian Corn Cookies:

Reese's Pieces and Fruit Rollups = fun!

Then we made little pilgrim's hats with reese's cups and cookies!

Then for the adults, I picked some more sophisticated desserts.

I wanted to make Chai Pumpkin Spice cookies that I found here but apparently pumpkin kisses are really hard to come by... so I opted for a bag of Dove white chocolate melts. They look like a pad of butter, but they were amazing!

Then I really wanted to try this recipe but we didn't have enough people in our home to eat it, so Thanksgiving was a great time to try it out! The honey and lemon really worked well together!

Next up, I made a few things for actual Thanksgiving, which we hosted our downstairs neighbor (it was so nice to have a guest!)

Stephen is a pumpkin pie fan, so I wanted to make it a little more fun - K really wanted to make a braided crust, so we started out by cutting our crust in a spiral (and yes, that's a store bought crust...when I'm making a whole dinner alone for new friends the first time, I didn't have time for homemade crust!)

Here's how it looked (with a little egg brushed on for browning)

Then I made a cherry pie for me. Oh, how I love cherry pies! and I loved making the design too!

And, because I can't *not* make some kind of cake during the holidays.... I made orange spiced cupcakes with cranberry buttercream frosting - super yum!

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