Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shower cakes!

K's class has two teachers and one of the teachers is pregnant, while the other one recently got engaged.

Two of the other class' teachers decided to be sneaky and sent home secret notes asking the kids' parents if anyone wanted to contribute to a stroller and dish set for them, but not to say a word to them!

So, of course, my brain thought of cakes!!

They are what every celebration needs, right?

So here's a little close up of the cakes:

As you know from the previous posts, I chose to make two 8" cakes, because of the design I wanted for the inside: ombre and checkerboard.

(Incidentally, the recipe that came with the checkerboard pan tastes just like a sugar cookie to me - fantastic!) 

I'm working on my frosting skills for inside the fondant. It's tricky when using a regular knife but I can't justify the price on a frosting spreader just yet...

And, oh man, I just love how smooth fondant feels. I even made my husband feel an extra little piece.

I don't think he cared as much as I did.

So, first up is the bridal shower cake.

I have to admit that these cake ideas were totally found on pinterest...but were so cute I just had to do it!

First I got to make a little wedding dress.

See those little imperfections? yeah, I forgot to sift the powdered sugar first.

But it's all good - that's what little pearls are for!

And I just love how the folds fell at the bottom of the cake!

Next is the baby shower cake:

She's having a boy, so I knew this was the one!

The little laundry basket and socks are too cute!

Oh, how I'm in love with this cake!!


So, we just gave them the cakes! They were speechless! :)

Sweet kids who kept a secret for nearly a month!

And what I've been waiting for - the insides!

The baby shower cake was the ombre cake.

Blue was definitely a good choice! Turns out that is also her favorite color - score!!

Haha - thank goodness for frosting filling - those cakes did *not* bake evenly!

Seems like it might be a good time to invest in some baking strips.

Then, in the bridal cake was the checkerboard cake.

A rough cut, but man they look so good with those colors!

I doubt I'll ever do a black and white one again :)

I'm so happy I had a reason to make these cakes!!

I'm so happy I had an opportunity to make it!

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