Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Green is my favorite color!

Seems most of my baking this year has been related to my husband's work...but at least it gives me a reason to try new things!

They had a charity bake sale on St. Patrick's Day, and I couldn't decide on one flavor, so I went with two! 

The first is White Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl. 


So, to stay with the St. Paddy's theme, I added a little green food coloring (my favorite color!) to the batter. 

Don't worry: that's not a pad of butter!

Dove white chocolate. It's so worth it to have to unwrap each little square!

Before I placed them in the oven, I just added it right on top, but because of its weight, it sank right down during baking:

Then I added a little of my special buttercream frosting, and decided it needed a little more green.

See how easy? Just a roll around in some sugar on the side and a couple sprinkles on the top!

 Next up: Chocolatey Chunk!

 (I forgot to take a before picture, but I just put in some mini Milky Ways before they were baked.)


Since my frosting was green, I didn't want to use the same green sprinkles, so I chose the little pearls. I think they give it such a sweet touch.

Now they're ready for purchase! 

And one shot of the insides:

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