Friday, July 1, 2011

It's not easy...being green

For my niece's 13th birthday we had a lot of discussion about Hello Kitty cake.

And at the last minute, somehow Kermit got thrown in the mix.

Man. I looked at tons of Kermit pics. Tough.

What did it though, was when I found a 3D Kermit cake from a British Site, and then I was finally able to conceptualize it!

I used rice crispies to make the inside of his body and head, so that everything stayed edible.

One of the best parts of this cake, though, was that it was a checkerboard cake! One of my favorites. The pans came with a tasty recipe too! Sort of tastes like a sugar cookie cake. Yum!

But, the best part, is that we can use fun colored batter together for an awesome look!

This was definitely a fun one :)

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