Friday, July 1, 2011

Red, White and Yum!

I don't remember if these cakes were made for a Memorial Day or July 4th BBQ. 
I do know the first two were at my mom's house.

This was her first time seeing me make the fondant. It can get.... messy :)

She is not a messy person in the slightest. Hee hee. 

The reason the fondant looks so shiny is that my water ran when I attached the stars, and I ended up painting the whole thing to keep it uniform. Some people like to buff their fondant with a little Crisco for the same effect (would have been nice to know then!)

This cake was made a year or two later, but with the same awesome Texas pan. I honestly don't remember why we made it though. Momo would know. She helped :)

Patriotic fun is always pretty... just like this cake that I will try as soon as I'm reunited with my baking equipment!

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