Monday, July 4, 2011

Rhinovirus, Salmonella typhi, and bovine spongiform encephalopathy - OH MY!

This past May, my husband graduated with his Master's from TTU-HSC and our friend Stanzie graduated from the same undergrad program as my husband the year before (that's right- one year from BS to MS! :)

We had a double party at Shogun's. Yum!

But, before that...

Her mom had asked me to make a cake within a certain budget but gave me total creative liberties. 

Oh yeah!

So, I knew I wanted to do a giant Double T. 

And something science-y. 

And funny. 

This time, I asked my husband for help. We googled together. It was nice ;)

We found a particular website that markets germs/diseases as 'stuffed animals'. 

That was the money maker right there!

We carefully chose a few that they had particularly studied during their courses. 

Well, and the mad cow disease. He didn't want it, but it was too cute not to use!

Can you find it?

There is also rhinovirus (common cold- blue clusters), salmonella typhi (typhoid fever- red one), lyme disease (green twist), ebola (brown) and my favorite: 

the T4 bacteriophage! 

I even made sure his 'head' had 12 sides with 20 verticies.  

Because I'm awesome that way.

And because Stanzie has the stuffed animal of it. 

But it really was fun to see their friends kind of guess at the different germies :)

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