Friday, July 1, 2011

Pink Overload!

K's second birthday. 
She's barely two.
It's not like she understands or cares about a theme. 
She doesn't even have a favorite color.
But, I had a brilliant idea for how to make a crown cake. 
So I went with the princess theme.

(This may or may not have influenced a 2.5 year obsession with pink. So much so that for a while she said her name was K Pink!)

So...a princess theme...

With the invitation and door decoration....

and the pepto table!

But, I really enjoyed making this cake!

The jewels on the front were actually scrapbook decorations b/c they were easy :)
I also experimented with silver dusting powder. I mixed it with lemon extract and painted it on. For the first time, not too bad.

and of course, K absolutely loved it all!

But I doubt our next kids parties will ever have that much pink! Blech! ;)

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